Wednesday, October 10, 2012

General Tso's Tofu

What a dish!  With October and autumn bringing cooler nights and darker days, it is that time again when we look to the warmth of our sustenance to bring us comfort and nourishment.  While the colder days of winter necessitate hearty meals, the early fall cuisine should still be light and airy with the flow of summer not so distant while still incorporating a sense of warmth.  We are beings of cycles and as such, a gentle transition is the perfect way to prepare our bodies, minds, and souls for the changes to come.

Here I dished up that exact idea.  An early October dinner that hints at what is to come while maintaining what presently appropriate.  The dish is General Tso's Tofu (referred to as bean curd, as well).  And most interestingly, this dish is also a much needed healthy, cheaper comfort food (than ordering Chinese take-out) during these intense times of back to school, fall sports, pre-holiday work incline, and much more.

Aside from the complex flavors that are instantly satisfying, their is a warmth involved due to the spices that are blended in this recipe.  To complement our old friend summer, in the times of lighter days, lighter feelings, and lighter eating, this dish is strikingly light as compared to its counterpart the classic General Tso's Chicken we often see on Chinese menus.  Here we enjoy tofu lightly fried and a low-sugar, low-sodium sauce that brings it all together.  (Not pictured, rice to be served as a bed to this dish.)

As my family delighted over this meal with a slight surprise at its deliciousness and enjoy-ability,  I realized the colors of the holiday spirits to come were rising from my plate, as if to begin with a subtle greeting as our seasons and lives cycle.  Typically I would share the recipe but today I'll offer this:  if you are interested in the recipe, email me: If you are local to the Hunterdon/Bucks county area, email me if you are interested in purchasing this dinner directly from my kitchen.  Regardless, enjoy vicariously!

    Source: via Atiera on Pinterest

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