Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chakra Art

I have always been moved by color.  While taking a graduate counseling course at the University of Vermont titled "Mindfulness, Happiness, and Health", I was introduced to a self-healing exercise used to bring calm to the soul and stillness to the mind, while creating beauty.  Above you'll see my first two pieces of art.  I call them: CHAKRA ART!
Oh, the beauty they bring to a room.  I currently have a piece in my kitchen and one in my entertainment room (shown above). The theme with these pieces is a connection to the chakras. 

Part of the gift of my art is the visible reminder of the chakras lending itself to an opportuinty to stop for a moment from our busy modern lives and remind us each of the amazing color scheme within.  I often pause when I see my chakra art and absorb the beads' beauty, looking at each color- while connecting to each beautiful energy orb inside of me.  It is an awesome experience.

I'm looking forward to making more pieces of this type of art and will continue to share them on my blog.  At a certain point I will be willing to custom make chakra art for anyone interested and may eventually sell my own pieces (once I am ready to part with them.)