About Me

I'm here to share my experiences as stories to those who are interested.  They are stories about everyday life and often there are lessons, gifts, and puzzles to think about.  Ultimately I'm working towards a more peaceful and healthy existence here on Earth.  I especially love sharing recipes for healthy foods, local foods, and foods that taste delish!

I'm a wife, a mother, an educator, and a coach.  I've spent much of my professional working career in the public school system teaching elementary through high school. I'm a public health educator as now working to support others to wellness. I'm a health behaviorist and assess clients' health risks and coach people to live healthier lifestyles while supporting sustainable behavior change.

Living Fully is my lifelong expedition.  My path markers say "Do what you love", and thus, I am.  I love to build menus and recipes and cook delicious meals.  I enjoy being observant in my world and sharing these experiences and life lessons.  And ultimately I find peace in calming others.  This, I hope to share all with you!

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