Products made by ME

Seeds by Atier

                Home-grown seeds.

As we grown more conscious of our ever changing life and existence on this planet, humans realize the importance of conservation.  We are constantly making progress with alternative fueling sources as we strive to adapt and better means of living and using.   

Growing your own food is another means of conservation that we can be fully engaged in. While some of us have less time or draw to garden, CSAs and locally sourced farming are ways to be a part of the food movement. More recently, though, I've tried growing some of my own food, as a hobby, and this led me to harvest my own seeds. 

Now I want to share these seeds with others, fresh, unadulterated seeds. Whether you live on a farm in the country or in a suburban or urban environment, try it out.  It is fun and rewarding to be self-sufficient and can afford you some financial and health benefits.  All you need is a few square feet of earth, a water source, natural light and heat, SEEDS, and a little time. Our grandparents did it, we should too.

Current specialities: lettuce, lavender, sunflowers and many others.

Dinners by Atier
                Made with fresh, quality ingredients.

What kind of dinner would you like to serve to your family tonight?  I cook delicious meals that are hearty and healthy.  Some of the types of meals I plan are inspired by the following cultures:

· American
· Asian
· Italian
· Mexican/ Latino
· German
· ...and more!

Catering in central New Jersey, seasonally in the greater Bethany Beach, DE area.

* Home cooked meal delivered to your home.
* Use of the freshest ingredients.
* Prepared by seasoned chef, formerly a cooking teacher with restaurant experience.
* The convenience of home cooked meals without the hassle.
* Personalized menu to meet your needs (dietary concerns, health issues, personal preferences…)

Approx. Cost of meal for family of 4 = $50—75

EMAIL ATIERA for more information on how your dinners can be prepared and delivered to your home:

Teas by Atier

                Made with organic herbs.

Since ancient times, societies have depended
on the comfort, wisdom, and medicinal value
of herbs.  Teas by Atier offers homemade herbal 
teas made from organic herbs, blended together 
and ready for you to enjoy steamed in a cup of
hot water.  Have an herbal blend made specifically
for you.  Drink these fine teas at any time of
the day.  Enjoy your beverage and enjoy your life!
J Atiera

Aromotherapy Mists by Atier

                Made with pure water and essential oils.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile 
plant materials, or essential oils, to influence the brain and create a calm mind, 
with the benefits of improving cognitive function and health. The use and importance
of these essential oils dates back to before the first century and has withstood the test
of time.

After speaking, I put together a blend of essential oils that is prescribed 
for you.  A $5 donation is requested for supplies and materials.

More on Aromatherapy, see Theory: